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Do you find your clients bringing boring & mundayne tattoo ideas to you? Are you constantly losing motivation giving inspiration to clients that don't know what they want tattooed?

TattooJenny Labs has created AI Driven Tattoo generating software. Now clients waiting in your lobby can have fun creating their next super creative & fun tattoo idea!

Obviously, these ideas are meant to be refined. Feel free to take the ideas that TattooJenny gives to you and run with it!

Tattoo Jenny takes a lot of juice to run (Actually around $100 USD a day at its current rate). Feel free to donate to Tattoo Jenny to keep her free:


Limitations: Tattoo Jenny is still under development.
She can only generate tattoos in the styles listed above. She struggles with words and scripts because she doesn't actually speak English. She also struggles with tattoos that are too detailed. If you're hoping to print an image off and use it as a stencil for a specific tattoo, you're in the wrong spot. Tattoo Jenny generates *ideas* for art, not actual art. Use Tattoo Jenny's drawings as a jumping off point with your local professional.

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